£200,000 Worth of Stolen Machines Recovered Due to Standard Fitment of a Tracking Device

Tuesday 10th December 2019

The Manitou group, a world leader in rough-terrain handling, now provides the majority of its machines 'Internet-Connected' as standard. This 'Connected' status offers a raft of customer benefits including an integrated tracking device. One south coast Manitou dealer recently found the value of this tracker when four machines, with a combined value of £200,000, were stolen from his yard one night. The 'Connected' status made it possible for the dealer to track the machines' every move, and inform the police of where and when they had stopped moving. This allowed police to recover the machines, from a lorry park in East England, and return them to their rightful owner. No loss of valuable machines. No long delay waiting for replacements. No insurance claim. The dealer's own machines quickly returned to him.

Since January 2019, all new orders for compatible machines (*1) built by Manitou Group have the are 'Connected' as standard. This opens up endless possibilities for Manitou and Gehl customers to improve performance, safety, security, and reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO). To enable users to connect with their machines, and reap the many benefits, Manitou offers 3 free Apps, MyManitou, MyGehl and Easy Manager.

As part Manitou's drive towards digital transformation the new MyManitou and MyGehl Apps, open instant access to a stream of data transmitted by the connected machine in real time. The new Apps provide users with the exact location, fuel level, and maintenance notifications to ease their day to day operations. Users can also contact their local Manitou or Gehl dealer via MyManitou and MyGehl to arrange work on their machine by a factory-trained technician using genuine parts. All the necessary information is available, including serial number, warranty details, and other information the dealer may need to arrange a service visit or to supply the correct genuine parts.

Easy Manager is the Dealer or Fleet Manager's tool which allows visibility of all machines, their location, current status, and highlight faults that might require preventative maintenance. Fleet users, who have their own fleet management software, can choose an API solution which will deliver the raw machine data directly into their own system. They can use that data to monitor machines, provide operational information to their sales team, service team, and end customers dependent on requirement.