Wednesday 8th April 2020

Farmers may not be able to trade second-hand machinery in person at the moment, but they can certainly do it virtually, thanks to the launch of a new on-line marketplace.

Farm to Farm is the brainchild of Northamptonshire farmer Tris Baxter-Smith, who has decided to turn his simple, printed, new and used farm machinery sales magazine into a national digital trading platform.

"As a farmer myself, I had already had some slightly frustrating and disheartening experiences trying to source machinery on various auction websites, so thought why not build something just for farmers. It was also clear that we need to move with the times and appeal to a new breed of digital-savvy buyers and sellers coming into the industry," he said.

The new Farm to Farm website allows farmers and traders to upload a photo of any equipment or goods they have for sale, communicate with potential buyers and then have Farm to Farm take care of the transaction in a safe, simple and secure way.

"On Farm to Farm you can now browse for your next tractor, liaise with the seller on-line, make a deal and pay for it - all without leaving your farm office. We also have a finance house working with us, so if you need the funds to make a significant investment in machinery our partner can provide a free no obligation quote," said Mr Baxter-Smith.